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About Tribbus

What is Tribbus?

Tribbus is a social marketplace which brings both social and IT-business, making online shopping a more communicative and rewarding experience.

How does it work?

Tribbus Community revolves around two-way interaction:

  • On-line stores:
    Any SME has tools to launch an online store quickly and easily, benifiting from the advantages of being part of a shopping community.
    To learn more about the advantages at opening your on-line store you can access to sellers information section or you can also contact us.
  • Clans (user sites):
    Tribbus users can safely shop on any store making use of the platform social tools: make comments about purchased products, suggest new products, organize purchases, manage favorite's lists or create common spaces (clans), to share interests with the community.
    Access to users information section if you want to learn more about what Tribbus can offer you.

Plans and prices

There are three different plans to choose the option that best suits your on-line business. Check features and prices of each plan.