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Information for stores

Do you want an on-line store?

Tribbus is an online social platform that offers an exclusive service to sell by an effective and innovative way, at minimal cost and risk-free service.

Tribbus brings both traders and users into a social marketplace with a friendly environment and where it offers a lot of facilities for a secure e-commerce.

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General features

On Tribbus we have developed the necessary tools for any business, traditional or current, you can have an online sales channel easy to manage:

  • Configurable: You can define several parameters for configuring store: currency, time zone, taxes, limit sales, automatic control of the stock, option “for gift”, etc.
  • Products: For each item in the store we can define several features such as the existing stock, the audience to which it is addressed, indicate whether is new or if it is on sale (being able to set the date range for each option), the associated tags, etc.
  • Organization by categories: Products are divided into categories for better organization. Each category can have certain features that will be applied to products that are in it, such as a specific tax or specific attributes.
  • Discount coupons: This tool allows you to create promotional campaigns. When creating the coupon can indicate a percentage or fixed amount applicable to a number of good products in the store or to any purchases made by the user. Optionally you can also indicate the user to whom you want to send the promotion.
  • Shipping methods: In the store you can include as many shipping methods as needed. For each shipping method you can specify the cost, shipping time and area or country that covers, among other options.
  • Payment: We can enable as many payment methods as we wish. Currently there are two methods available: PayPal payment (allows card payments) and cash on delivery. Soon we will have new payment methods to include in the store.
  • Multi Language: Store content can be generated in Spanish and/or English. Soon we will include new languages to further our international stores.
  • Customizable design: Without knowledge of web design, we can easily select the color range of the store, the font or the background image. And if we have knowledge of style sheets (CSS), we can modify to our liking any detail of the store interface.
  • Blog: Through the blog tool, the users can inform their followers about news and other topics of interest.
  • Pages: To assist and inform users, the store can create pages on topics such as the conditions of purchase, return and shipping policies, etc.
  • Stats: We can keep track of visits to the store, the sales percentages, make the most visited or followed, etc products. It is also possible to integrate the store with the Google Analytics tool.

Highlight values

The main advantages for users who open a store on Tribbus are

  • Productivity and efficiency: An “adhoc” solution has the disadvantage of requiring specialized stuff for its hosting, configuration, commissioning and maintenance, as well as enough time for learning it, but in Tribbus, starting an online store is a process easy and fast, and both maintenance and configuration of the platform are completely transparent processes to the user without additional costs.
  • Minimal investment: The adventure of opening an online store requires a considerable initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs and upgrade the application. On Tribbus the cost of hiring a shop is minimal, fixed and for as long as desired.
  • Visibility and publicity: Being part of a social marketplace allows to take full advantage of promotion and marketing which are generated along to the platform.
Difficulties for SMEs
  • Lack of skilled personnel
  • Set a viable business model
  • Unclear ROI
  • Visibility: Attract customers to the store
Tribbus solutions
  • Create a store is easy and intuitive
  • Integration into a “horizontal market”
  • Repayment of short-term investment
  • You're part of a shopping community

Plans and prices

There are three different plans to choose the option that best suits your on-line business. Check the features and prices of each plan.

If you need further information don't hesitate to contact us.