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Information for users

Tribbus. What do we offer?

Tribbus is a social maketplace where you will find a full range of stores where you can buy products in an easy and safe way, rating them, organizing your shopping, sharing your interests, etc.

General features

On Tribbus you'll enjoy all the benefits of being part of a shopping community:

  • Variety of stores: Tribbus is a great online shopping mall where you can find products of all kinds and from all over the world.
  • Thematic classification: Modern, dynamic, daring people ... how do you feel like?. Find stores and products according with your interests.
  • Multiple shopping carts: You can have as many shopping carts as stores there. The shopping carts are not empty when you leave Tribbus, therefore, you can continue your purchase at any time, or even you can use the carts as “wish lists” for future purchases.
  • Individual purchases: Purchases are individually made in each store, this way, even if you have several shopping carts from different stores, when you make a purchase on one of them, rest of the carts remain undeleted.
  • Exclusive offers: Stores can create offers and discount coupons specifically targeted to Tribbus' users.
  • Secure Shopping: Tribbus provides a secure platform for online shopping. Community best-rated stores generate trust.
  • Social Network: What are your friends buying?, Which products are they interested in?, ... apart from buying, on Tribbus you can do a lot more, because it is mainly a social community where you can share your opinions and preferences.
    For this purpose and among other services you will find exclusive user spaces by the name of "clans", you can create as many clans as you like and share your interests with the rest of the community.